Holiday Gift Guide 2012-for the kiddos

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Happy holidays!

Is it me or does it feel less like Christmas the older we get???

I meant to have this gift guide out to you earlier, but you know how that goes!

I’ve tried to make the list of items somewhat unique, somewhat affordable, & things  for kids of varying ages.

So here goes:

(click on the pic to go directly to the link for more info)


1. Turn your child’s drawing into a toy!

How cool is that???


2. Instant iron ons

With 60 different decals, your child can creatively transform t-shirts, tote bags, etc.



3. Pillow Pets Dream Lites

Pillow Pets are so 2011! Now they’ve made them into nightlights that turn your ceiling into a starry sky!




4. SI Kids Everything Football Top 10 Lists


5. Hand knitted animal hats

Four different animals to choose from!



6. LEGO Bat Cave

7. Sour Apples to Apples

A fun new version of one of our family favorites!



8. U Dance

Motion sensing dance game that plugs right into your TV!


9. Beats by Dre Solo Headphones

UGH! These are so NOT affordable, but they are #1 on my 12 year old’s list!



So??? See anything you think someone on your list might like? What about your kids? What tops their lists this year??? I would love some more ideas!




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Winter beauty must haves

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The holidays are almost upon us, which means winter is following close behind.

For me, winter brings the dryness…in my skin, lips, hair, etc.

I just wanted to check in quickly today & share with you my top three winter must haves.


1. VS smooth FX lip scrub


2. Alterna Anti-Static Spray


3. Curel Intensive Healing Cream



What are your winter Beauty must haves???

I would love recs for a good conditioner that doesn’t weigh your hair down. I feel like when I condition, my hair becomes too soft & unmanageable, but if I don’t, it’s dry & staticy!

Girl problems, right???


I’ll be back soon with gift guides for men, women, & children.

Trying to get organized for black Friday!


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It’s Halloween!?

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It doesn’t feel much like Halloween around here.

Our Trick or Treating was moved to Saturday, but my youngest has his championship football game at the same time!!!

Looks like we will be traveling to a surrounding suburb on Sunday to collect our loot! I hope they bought extra.


So-what kind of candy do you swipe from your kid’s bag once they’re in bed???

Don’t pretend like you don’t do it!

I go for the Three Musketeers and Twix!



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Can you spot the differences?

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Who remembers those puzzles in the Highlights magazines as kids???

I used to love those!

This is kinda like that.

I originally posted my new living room makeover/gallery wall here in December.

Since then I’ve made a few tweaks.

Can you spot the differences?






The sun was actually shining in this picture taken just last week. Quite a difference from the past few days.

We were without power for about five hours today, but I know many others are in worse shape, so please stay safe!





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Top Ten Tuesday-All About Fall

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Where did October go???

I have my youngest son’s Halloween party on Friday & trick or treating is next week!!!

It’s been awhile since I did a top ten Tuesday, so I thought I would dedicate this one to my favorite season.

I have a Pinterest board titled Fall/Halloween & have found myself stalking it a lot lately.

Here are a some of my favorite low cost party ideas:


10. Caramel apple bar


9. Jack-o-oranges


8. Sticky spider webs


7. Bowl of bones


6. Ghost poop


5. Lollipop pumpkin game


4. Hershey bar mummies


3. Pumpkin chip bowl


2. Paper bag trees


1. Acorn donuts


All of these ideas were pinned from the original source. Please click on the pictures for more details.


If you would like to follow me on Pinterest click the link on the right of this page & I’ll follow you back.


Now I have to decide which of these party ideas to use on Friday.

What do you guys have planned?








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DIY Diamond Wall

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After seeing this post on one of my favorite blogs, I decided I MUST try it myself.

I’d been looking to add more gold accents somewhere in our master bedroom & Duck tape!?…seemed like the perfect DIY solution.



I first measured out a dummy diamond to make sure I liked the size. I measured at 20 inches down & 10 inches across instead of the 30 x 15 like in this post.

I then proceeded to mark the entire wall with my level every 10 inches across & every 20 down . This was the most time consuming part. I think it took me about three hours total!



I purchased four rolls of gold duck tape at Hobby Lobby for a total of $20 & got to work.

I quickly realized that the 20 x 10 diamonds would be too small. I decided to just connect every other dot as I went along so they would be a bit larger.



For some reason, I have one wonky diamond that you can sort of see behind the night stand on the left. After a total of five hours working up & down a step ladder by myself, I wasn’t about to try to fix it & risk messing up the whole thing! Let’s just pretend it’s perfect, K?

I’m loving the results! The one thing that would make it better? An upholstered headboard. Hmmmmm…


So? What do you guys think? Anyone else using duck tape to decorate?


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High Five For Friday!

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This week flew by!

Some weeks I have a hard time thinking of five things, this week I’m having a hard time narrowing it down!

Not a bad problem to have, right???

Of course, I have to start with our anniversary.

1. We celebrated 13 years on Tuesday, October 2. Lucky or unlucky? We shall see! :)  We went to dinner & a movie (End of Watch) on Saturday with friends who celebrated their anniversary yesterday.



2. My nephew was born last week, but we got to spend more time with him on Sunday. He’s the sweetest thing ever! So sad how you forget when your own kids were so little. You never get that time back. :(



3. My new fall bag. I’m loving the burgundy color & the tassel.



4. Brownie brittle! I wasn’t sure about it at first. Now, I’m addicted! It’s like the burnt edges of brownies, only thinner.



5. My little sister is back from vaca! I picked her up from the airport on Monday & we’re going shopping tonight. I missed you Britt!


Have a fabulous weekend & stay warm. They’re talking about possible flurries here in Northeast Ohio this weekend! I need to bundle up for football tomorrow night!


I’m linking up over at From My Grey Desk.


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