High Five For Friday!


This week flew by!

Some weeks I have a hard time thinking of five things, this week I’m having a hard time narrowing it down!

Not a bad problem to have, right???

Of course, I have to start with our anniversary.

1. We celebrated 13 years on Tuesday, October 2. Lucky or unlucky? We shall see! :) We went to dinner & a movie (End of Watch) on Saturday with friends who celebrated their anniversary yesterday.



2. My nephew was born last week, but we got to spend more time with him on Sunday. He’s the sweetest thing ever! So sad how you forget when your own kids were so little. You never get that time back. :(



3. My new fall bag. I’m loving the burgundy color & the tassel.



4. Brownie brittle! I wasn’t sure about it at first. Now, I’m addicted! It’s like the burnt edges of brownies, only thinner.



5. My little sister is back from vaca! I picked her up from the airport on Monday & we’re going shopping tonight. I missed you Britt!


Have a fabulous weekend & stay warm. They’re talking about possible flurries here in Northeast Ohio this weekend! I need to bundle up for football tomorrow night!


I’m linking up over at From My Grey Desk.



  1. brownie brittle! did you make it? did you buy it? i must know the facts because its sounds amazing!

    also congrats on your new nephew. he is really cute!

    (first time visitor #h54f)

  2. Like your anniversary pic. LUCKY 13. Nephew is adorable. Purse is fab but it looks Purple in the pic and last, Brownie Brittle? Sounds scrumptious. Need the recipe. Love to all!


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