Let’s Make A Deal!

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Hello Hello!!!

Once again, it’s been awhile!

Sorry about that! No more promises of regular posts, just know that I at least think about it daily.

I wanted to check in and let you all know about two great sites that I’ve recently discovered.

If you’ve already heard of them, I apologize in advance for not being “with it”.


First up is groopdealz:




You have to register your email address and they send each new deal directly to your inbox. These deals don’t last forever though. Some are for a limited time and others are set up by quantity which means when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Here are just a few of the deals they are featuring today:



Personalized wish necklace…$10



Colorful headbands…$3.95





Cute stuff, right???


Next up is veryjane:



Same concept, different deals!



Pillow covers…$11.95

I have a slight obsession & wanted one of each!



30 pc treat bag gift sets…$4.50



Personalized iPad case…$24.99


Most of the deals I’ve seen are no limit which means you can buy multiples for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.

Have fun checking out the rest of the goodies!!!

Any other “deal” sites I should be aware of?



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Top Ten Tuesday-Father’s Day Addition

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Ahhh! Father’s Day is this weekend! That means June is half over already!? How did that happen?

To be honest, I did think about a few things I would like to get C for Father’s Day, but that was awhile ago & now it’s almost here!

Here are 10 great gift ideas for those of you last minute shoppers, like me.


10. Razor Blade Sharpener


9. Bacon Flavored Popcorn


8. Personalized Money Clip


7. Black & Tan Turtle


6. Wooden Wristwatch


5. Fishing Rod Rack


4. iPhone Case & Wallet Combo



3. Funny Parking Post Its


2. iPad Case


1. Grill Tools


If you wish to buy any of the above, just click the pic to take you directly to the seller.

I’m pretty sure we will have to pay extra to have any of ┬áit shipped to us by the weekend, but I guess that’s what we get.

Any other last minute ideas you would like to share would be greatly appreciated!









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