Holiday Gift Guide 2012-for the kiddos

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Happy holidays!

Is it me or does it feel less like Christmas the older we get???

I meant to have this gift guide out to you earlier, but you know how that goes!

I’ve tried to make the list of items somewhat unique, somewhat affordable, & things  for kids of varying ages.

So here goes:

(click on the pic to go directly to the link for more info)


1. Turn your child’s drawing into a toy!

How cool is that???


2. Instant iron ons

With 60 different decals, your child can creatively transform t-shirts, tote bags, etc.



3. Pillow Pets Dream Lites

Pillow Pets are so 2011! Now they’ve made them into nightlights that turn your ceiling into a starry sky!




4. SI Kids Everything Football Top 10 Lists


5. Hand knitted animal hats

Four different animals to choose from!



6. LEGO Bat Cave

7. Sour Apples to Apples

A fun new version of one of our family favorites!



8. U Dance

Motion sensing dance game that plugs right into your TV!


9. Beats by Dre Solo Headphones

UGH! These are so NOT affordable, but they are #1 on my 12 year old’s list!



So??? See anything you think someone on your list might like? What about your kids? What tops their lists this year??? I would love some more ideas!




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Winter beauty must haves

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The holidays are almost upon us, which means winter is following close behind.

For me, winter brings the dryness…in my skin, lips, hair, etc.

I just wanted to check in quickly today & share with you my top three winter must haves.


1. VS smooth FX lip scrub


2. Alterna Anti-Static Spray


3. Curel Intensive Healing Cream



What are your winter Beauty must haves???

I would love recs for a good conditioner that doesn’t weigh your hair down. I feel like when I condition, my hair becomes too soft & unmanageable, but if I don’t, it’s dry & staticy!

Girl problems, right???


I’ll be back soon with gift guides for men, women, & children.

Trying to get organized for black Friday!


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Fall for under 50!

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It’s that time of year! I’m starting to get the fall shopping itch.

I clean out my closet four times a year. Once before the start of each season.

Well-yesterday was that day. I like to go through & reorganize, which I also do by season. I make a pile to donate to Goodwill based on a few different criteria. Does it still fit? I don’t believe in saving things “just in case”. Is it still current? Did I actually wear it the previous season? There is an exception to this rule, which I had to explain to my husband yesterday when he noticed a few things still had tags on them. If I find a classic piece at a great price, I snatch it up! I may not have a need to wear it often or anytime soon, but you never know. I VERY RARELY wear black dress pants. I would rather dress up a great pair of dark denim jeans. But…I still own black dress pants. What if I have to go to a funeral? Jeans are NOT acceptable at a funeral for any reason whatsoever!!! I’m talking to someone specific, but I won’t call her out. :)

So-in honor of Autumn, I put together a few of this season’s must haves (or maybe nots). Each retails for less than $50!

Click on the item for more info.


1. Army green military style jacket- $40




I’m lucky enough to already own one of these that I got at Old Navy a few years ago. I wear it A LOT!


2. Polka Dot Sweater-$45



I love polka dots, so this is high on my look out for list. I’m just having a hard time finding one that is a bit longer without being a cardigan.


3. Pencil Skirt-$26.90



Love the color combo of this skirt & belt, but since I don’t work outside of the home, I wouldn’t get much use out of it. :(


4. Patterned jeans-$49.50



Really??? This is not something I would try or even want to pull off. So NOT me!


5. Loafers-$49.95



ADORE these! I’m a sucker for animal print in small doses. I’ve also seen great loafers in bright colors or studded versions. I scored a pair of neutral ones on sale at Kohls last year.


6. Colored cords-$49.50



I currently have cords in neutral colors, but I’m on the hunt for a deep red.


7. Oversized clutch-$48



Did I say I love animal print? I really do! I also love the idea of a clutch, but if you have ever seen my purse, you must know that it wouldn’t work for me. I carry too much crap!


8. Colorblock dress- Ready for this price???-$15.50!!!



I wish I had somewhere to wear this! Picture it with heels & simple jewelry. So pretty! And for $15.50??? That’s crazy talk!


9. Chambray shirt-$34.99



Another must have for me. It is so versatile. Wear it with white jeans, a long skirt, or colored cords.


So, for me, Chambray shirt, deep red cords, & a polka dot sweater will hopefully be my first purchases of this season. I can’t wait for the pleasant days & chilly nights. I just dread what comes next!

What are your must haves or maybe nots???

How often do you purge your closet?







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Let’s Make A Deal!

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Hello Hello!!!

Once again, it’s been awhile!

Sorry about that! No more promises of regular posts, just know that I at least think about it daily.

I wanted to check in and let you all know about two great sites that I’ve recently discovered.

If you’ve already heard of them, I apologize in advance for not being “with it”.


First up is groopdealz:




You have to register your email address and they send each new deal directly to your inbox. These deals don’t last forever though. Some are for a limited time and others are set up by quantity which means when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Here are just a few of the deals they are featuring today:



Personalized wish necklace…$10



Colorful headbands…$3.95





Cute stuff, right???


Next up is veryjane:



Same concept, different deals!



Pillow covers…$11.95

I have a slight obsession & wanted one of each!



30 pc treat bag gift sets…$4.50



Personalized iPad case…$24.99


Most of the deals I’ve seen are no limit which means you can buy multiples for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, etc.

Have fun checking out the rest of the goodies!!!

Any other “deal” sites I should be aware of?



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Top Ten Tuesday-Poufs!

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Hello, hello!

Poufs have been popping up & prevalent in pretty places for quite some time now. (Did you like that play on p’s?)

Here is the look that first stole my heart:




The color scheme is exactly what I’ve got goin’ on in our master bedroom. So, of course, I needed those two gold poufs for the end of our bed! Then, I put the brakes on when I discovered that they are almost the same price as a larger piece of furniture!

I just couldn’t justify it. I went on living my life poufless. :(


Joss&Main recently had a sale with a plethora of poufs!

Here are my faves with a surprise at the end:


10.  $208.95


9.  $76.95


8.  $111.95


7.  $635.00


6.  $206.95


5.  $235.95


4.  $52.95


3.  $87.95


2.  $130.95


Number 2 comes in many different colors, like the gold from my inspiration pic above.

Are you ready for numero uno???

It’s not the gold I wanted, but take a look!




Do you see that price tag??? $17.99!!! I NEVER shop at Marc’s! Like, I haven’t stepped foot in that store in about seven years! But…my friend Kristine & I were looking for something specific for teacher gifts & she suggested we try Marc’s. Thank you Kristine!

No luck with the teacher gift, but I came home with this:



So excited!!! Less than 20 bucks!

I did a little bedroom furniture rearranging last week so I’ll be back soon to show you how the space looks now.


Anyone else wanting a pouf??? Which one above is your favorite?



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Top Ten Tuesday-Father’s Day Addition

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Ahhh! Father’s Day is this weekend! That means June is half over already!? How did that happen?

To be honest, I did think about a few things I would like to get C for Father’s Day, but that was awhile ago & now it’s almost here!

Here are 10 great gift ideas for those of you last minute shoppers, like me.


10. Razor Blade Sharpener


9. Bacon Flavored Popcorn


8. Personalized Money Clip


7. Black & Tan Turtle


6. Wooden Wristwatch


5. Fishing Rod Rack


4. iPhone Case & Wallet Combo



3. Funny Parking Post Its


2. iPad Case


1. Grill Tools


If you wish to buy any of the above, just click the pic to take you directly to the seller.

I’m pretty sure we will have to pay extra to have any of  it shipped to us by the weekend, but I guess that’s what we get.

Any other last minute ideas you would like to share would be greatly appreciated!









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